Mopey Lonesome & The Drunken Voicemails

Indie-Americana from Bakersfield, CA.


Our collaborations.
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We play, eat, drink, and commiserate at Sandrini's.  Their staff is family, their food and drink are quality, and their establishment is one built with craft & care in mind.  Come home.    


Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon cures what ails.  In the case of Mopey Lonesome & The Drunken Voicemails, what ails is just about anything.  This amber fix is the centerpiece to any revelrous night.  Let there be many.


If you're at one of our shows, you'll see a tall glass of Imperial Red sitting right next Mopey's Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier.  This is not because they've endorsed us.  This is because there's nothing better. 

Stay Darling